Utility Knife Metal Silver

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Size :  18(W) x 110(L) mm.

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If you thought knives were only used in the kitchen you are wrong. Utility knives are an important tool in a toolbox.  Utility knives are most commonly used in work sites of any kind.

The MARBIG Utility Knife Metal features an ergonomic design that is arch and has a rubber grip that helps you hold it firmly in place. It is made of a sturdy die cast silver colored metal case that houses the blade. The retractable blade can be replaced easily.  The blade length can be adjusted as per the user’s convenience.  This knife is made for heavy duty cutting and comes with 2 spare blades. The blades are easily replaced by snapping off and have a wheel lock feature for additional safety. The Marbig Heavy Duty Cutter Knife has dimensions of 18(W) x 110(L) mm.

The utility knife holds a strong blade that has a sharpened edge. When the knife dulls, simply install a new blade and continue using without interruption. This utility knife is a multi-purpose cutting tool for use in a variety of occupations and industries. The heavy duty blade is meant for heavy work cutting insulation. Carpenters can use this knife to score the lines before cutting wood. It can also be used for cutting carpets, roofing materials and trimming wall papers.


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