Tape Dispenser

US$ 50.00

Size: 1-inch core
Item weight: 16 ounces
Available Colors: Black and Silver
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We all use Cello tapes for many purposes. Usually, what we all do is buy a roll of tape and will cut each piece whenever required. But the problem is while keeping the piece in your hand, its gummy effect may lose before you stick it on paper or wherever you were supposed to stick. Hence, we go for an option of the tape dispenser. This product is a must equipment in all organization as well as at homes. Courier service office cannot even imagine a day without a tape dispenser. Tape dispensers are used to pack gifts. This product has a non-skid weighted bottom part which helps you to keep it on the flat surface.

There are different types of tape dispensers based on the width of the tape. These tape dispensers are very strong and durable. It is really inexpensive and hence economical and reliable. This allows you one-handed dispensing. It has a strong and good quality blade at the tip which will help to dispense the tape easily without putting much pressure or effort. It is having a very attractive design like a sleek wave which compliments any decor.


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