SmartTouch Stapler, Full Strip

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Stapler Type :Desktop
Colour :Black and Grey
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A stapler is a stationery item that helps to punch in pins into a paper to help in storing documents. Staplers come in various sizes from small to big and can hold up to two hundred pins together. No office or house would be without a stapler. It basically allows you to pin documents into sets as per your necessity.

Product Description
The SmartTouch Stapler, Full Strip enables you to staple sheets of paper smoothly and quickly. The product requires less energy compared to the traditional staplers. The SmartTouch Stapler, Full Strip is designed ergonomically keeping in mind the customer’s convenience. It is a sleek yet strong combination and comes in the colors black and grey. The refilling of pins is very simple and easy. The pin magazine pops out as you push the button on the back side of the stapler. The SmartTouch Stapler, Full Strip can hold two hundred and ten staple pins in one go and can staple more than twenty sheets of paper together. The product can be used as a desktop or hand held stapler, either way, giving you the best results. The staple pins come out neatly onto the paper head without any trouble. The stapler is made of metal and is long lasting.


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