Slide-N-Store Staple Remover

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Size : 5 X 5 X 2 inches
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Material Type: Plastic

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All of us use staplers for multiple purposes. Students write assignments on a daily basis and they have their certificates, officers have a lot of documents. All these people use staples to keep all these papers orderly so that they can take the required paper out as and when required.

While using staplers, we all have a doubt regarding how this stapler can be removed. Chances are there to tear the papers while removing the stapler from the bunch of papers. Here we introduce you a stapler remover which can be easily used to remove the stapler pins and will be stored them in one easy motion. Hence, no need to get tensed about falling the stapler pins on the floor. Once done, it is easy to remove the staples. Large sized staple remover can hold up to 400 staples.  The body of the product is made of durable plastic which resists damage and ensures long life cycle. While using this, you will have a good grip on either sides. Removing stapler from less number of papers is more difficult and chances are high to get it torn.

This product is made in the US. No need to put great effort on using this. You may simply slide the duration under the staple crown and push all the way completely.  This product contains 100% recycled content.


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