Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners

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The Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners are very useful in the sense that they help bind or fasten together loose papers. It’s a comfortable feeling to know that all your important documents are secured and in place and the Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners assures you that.

Product Description
The Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners instantly transforms any file or folder to a binder. The folder is made of tempered steel that is corrosion resistant. The edges of the folder are smooth and safe and are of two- inch width. Each pack contains hundred folder fasteners that can hold up to four hundred and eighty sheets. The Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners not only attaches plain sheets of paper but also punched sheets to any file or folder. It holds the paper sheets neatly and in place enabling your clear view and easy access. This product is available in various colors and sizes to suit your requirement. Moreover using the Self-Adhesive Folder Fasteners only helps you to efficiently organize your documents better.


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