Rubber Numberer, Conventional

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Size :5.5 X 3.1 X 1.9 inches
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If there is a book or document, definitely it would have the number in its each page. Similarly, we must have also thought of leaving papers numbered so that it would be easy to arrange it in an order and manage. When you don't have a stapler to staple your papers, chances are there the papers get shuffled and difficult to identify them. Now the best option is to keep the number on each paper. Here goes a product which will suffice your requirements in all the way. It is a conventional Rubber Numberer.

Since this particular is made with rubber it will not damage your paper and can keep it on top of the papers without any fear. Children can also make use of this product as a school stationery. This is like a stamp type numberer with conventional ink type. This product has 4 bands of numbers built to handle big numbers and hence the highest digit you can mark is 9999. Number wheels are easy to adjust and hence easy to change the numbers. Separate ink pad is required. Its steel frame ensures the durability and reliability. This has a large grip for extra comfort.


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