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Transform those boring classroom or cubicle walls or those display boards into spaces that have lively and enduring pictures, images and articles you would love to see.  Give a personal touch of artistry to your rooms at home by holding your personal moments such as photos or notes using a push pin. Let your space be a starting point and the store house of your ideas and innovation.

Smart Savers Push Pin is a jumbo push pin that has a head made of plastic and juts out cylindrically in shape. This gives a firm grip to the user who can push in or pull out the tack pin into the board effortlessly.  The tack pins come in assorted colors and a pack contains 40 pins.

A thumb tack or push pin is a short nail or pin used to fasten items to a wall or board for display. The pin is pushed in using your hands, generally without the assistance of tools. A variety of names is used to refer to different designs intended for various purposes.

It can be used to hold drawings on drawing boards. Also, helps in marking locations on a map and to hold the map in place.


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