Pro-Series Scissors

US$ 13.00

Size :  210 mm

Material : Titanium blades

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Scissors that blunt fast can be frustrating to work with! If you like to work with minimum efforts the MARBIG Pro-Series Scissors is something you don’t want to miss. It is premium quality scissors with titanium coated blades that ensure that the blades never dull. It will stay sharp and perform every time. These blades are three times harder than stainless steel. These scissors have a smart and modern design. It also has a rubberized grip to give your hands maximum comfort while using it. Has a handle design that gives superior control while cutting and keeps the materials flat for precise cutting every time. The scissors provide a long, smooth uniform cut which is effortless, all the way to the tips.  It has extra-large finger holes and hence one size can fit all fingers. The scissors has dimensions 210 mm and has handles that are colored yellow and black.

Titanium blades actually have a microthin titanium-nitride ceramic coating that provides better edge retention. The gold color is a giveaway that the blade is titanium coated. These blades are almost as durable as carbide but are cheaper and lasts longer. Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including fabrics.


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