Plier Stapler (P22)

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The most used and essential stationery item is the stapler. These days there is a huge variety of stapler designs for the customers to choose from as per their convenience. The Plier Stapler (P22) is the latest and trending stapler design that helps staple anything with utmost ease.

Product Description
What makes this stapler different from a traditional stapler is the fact that the lever that helps to staple is at the bottom and not at the top. It provides for an easy hand movement and can reach out at any angle. The Plier Stapler (P22) can also be used to staple multiple numbers of sheets together, cloth and even cardboard. The stapler has a loop at the bottom that helps us to have a good grip on the item. The staple channel or magazine can be easily removed and cleaned. P22 is the type of staple pins used and they come in two sizes 1/4inches and 3/8inches. The product is a perfect stationery item for the office as well as for your home. The Plier Stapler (P22) is entirely designed and made of metal and lasts long. The color of the stapler is chrome. Also, the Plier Stapler (P22) is jam proof allowing faster stapling and heavy duty functions.


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