Pallet Bands

US$ 45.00

Size  :  72" Circumference, 1" Width, 1/16" Gauge

Color :  Blue

Qty : 12 per pack

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Why do you have to put in the extra effort at your warehouse for stabilizing pallet loads when you can fix it easily with a pallet band? So, it definitely is an intelligent choice to rely on a pallet band that is sturdy, eco-friendly and economic rather than use a plastic wrap.

These bands stabilize and secure palletized items during movement within a facility or warehouse. Time is no longer wasted in applying and reapplying stretch wrap or tape, when pallet bands can be applied and removed in seconds. These pallet bands require no equipment and minimal storage space.

ALLIANCE RUBBER Pallet Bands has a 72" Circumference, 1" Width, 1/16" Gauge. It fits well on 32x40 to 36x36 pallet. It has been color coded in blue. A pack of pallet bands contains 12 numbers.

Pallet Bands help to secure pallets so that they can be moved quickly and safely from station to station or put in overhead storage racks. Pallet Bands allow air to flow freely through the entire pallet allowing coolers, chillers and freezers to quickly and evenly cool pallet loads. Unlike shrink-wrap, they will not trap unwanted moisture. It is excellent for use on furniture or as mover bands. Ribbed for extra holding strength and durability, it provides outstanding pallet load stabilization.  They are completely reusable for reduced packaging waste and lower costs. These bands don’t tear on box surfaces. It also secures protective covers to prevent dust on loads.

This product is ideal for Furniture movers, Warehouses, Manufacturers and Distributors.


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