Lanyards, Ring Style

US$ 13.00

Qty :Twenty Four per Box
Color: Black
Size :36 inches

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Identification tags or batch tags help to keep your identification information in place and in view to all. It is mainly used in professional places and is a vital stationery product.

Product Description
Lanyards are cords or straps worn on the neck or wrist to carry items around. In recent times lanyards have become popular among professional establishments and use it as a neck strap to carry their name identity. The Lanyards, Ring Style, 36" Long is a name tag that you can wear around your neck at all times. The tag holds the information without having to pin it onto your clothes. The tag comes in various colors and sizes and styles. The ring on the tag opens up and enables you to insert the name batch securely. The material of the tag is a combination of nylon and cotton and the fastener material is metal. The Lanyards, Ring Style, 36" Long is completely rust-free and strong. The length of the cord is thirty-six inches and the most preferred color is black as it gives a professional look.


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