Kraft Clasp Envelope, Center Seam

US$ 20.00

Size :10 X 13 inches
Qty :100 pieces per box
Color: Brown
Flap Type: Hub
Product Weight: 28 lb
Exterior Material: Kraft

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Envelopes are nothing but paper covers which can hold papers and other light weighted objects for safety. Envelopes are of different types in terms of size, shape, colors and features. Use of envelopes depend on the requirement. Some envelopes will have gummed seal on top, some will have center seam and some will have both. Here we introduce you a new product which is a Kraft Clasp envelope with center seam. Compared to other normal envelopes, these are heavyweight Kraft stock ensuring the safety of your papers or the things inside the envelope. This product is also having gummed flap and reinforced eyelet. This is a good office product which can resist rips and tears.

Packing and shipping are also done with care and you may get 100 pieces in a box. This is a wonderful product which you can purchase for your personal as well as official purpose.


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