Kraft Clasp Envelope

US$ 16.00

Qty :100 pieces per box
Color: Brown
Size :6 inches X 9 inches
Item weight: 28lb

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Envelopes don't need a promotion or advertisements. Because it is an essential and powerful product in our daily life. Not only in your personal life, but also in official life, envelopes are a mandatory product. If you are working in a financial organization, you may have to maintain official communication with your client, especially invoice, bills etc should be sent and thus you require bulk of envelopes in your daily life.

Courier service offices are the main customers of envelopes. They need this product in bulk quantity. They require envelopes in different size, shape, and strength. We also keep our certificates and documents in envelopes. People keep multiple envelopes for different purposes at home. One to keep monthly bills, one to store children's certificates, one to keep other documents etc. In the organizations also it is a mandatory tool which is being used on a daily basis.

This product is available in a quantity of 100 pieces per box. The length of this product is 6 X 9 inches which is enough to store your valuable documents.


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