Fabric Panel Wall Clips, Standard Size

US$ 16.00

Qty :20 per box
Colour :pink, blue, green and violet

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Decorate your workspace with Panel Wall Clips that are original. They come in standard size and in pretty pastel shades of pink, blue, green and violet that spice up your workspace with a dash of color.  

ADVANTUS Fabric Panel Wall Clips are specially made for Fabric Panels that create a convenient and effective message center by arranging several clips in one location. Each clip is sturdy enough to hold can hold up to 40 sheets of notes, messages or memos. The metal points in the clip help in quick and easy insertion into fabric or panel walls without damaging it. The clips are primarily made of plastic and have a transparent feel.  A box contains 20 numbers of clips.

These multi-functional clips help you in organizing your workspace better. Now make those drab little walls on your cubicle look better. Take away the boredom from it by decorating it with wall clips that can hold personal memos, photos and pictures. Besides, you can hold your memories together securely without having to pierce a hole into your favorite photos and pictures. It can also hold business cards, notes, appointments, schedules and mail so that you never ever forget those important dates.


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