Business Envelope

US$ 22.00

Size :12 X 9.6 X 4.1 inches
Qty :500 pieces in a box
Color: White
Seam Type: Diagonal
Closure: Gummed
Item Weight: 24lb

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Envelopes are available in a lot of varieties depend on our day to day requirements. People use envelopes to keep their documents, certificates, and other important papers. Envelopes are the wonderful tool to keep the papers in an arranged order and giving easy access to the papers. This business envelope is of white color and 500 pieces in a box. Hence, you don't need to go to shops to purchase this product frequently. This is not expensive and a real cost effective product for bulk mailing. This has gummed flap which ensures the secure seal. These are having a nice texture and a little thicker than other similar envelopes ensuring more safety. This particular product doesn't have peel and stick flaps instead, apply 1 or 2 drops of water on the seal flap and stick directly.

We are sure that you will be pleased with this product and love this product once started using the same. Many people are using this product for their general office purposes especially those who work in accounting organizations. They use envelopes to mail vouchers and bills to their clients.  


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