Colored 4-Ply Poster Board

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Product weight: 8 lbs
Quantity: 25 pieces per box

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We might be using poster boards in our life for multiple reasons and multiple requirements. Teachers always use this kind of thick papers to draw and write the academic portions. Main reason for this is, people always get attracted things drawn or written on the poster boards. Advertisers also prefer this kind of poster boards which can attract public attention.

There are 25 sheets in assorted colors per carton. Use of poster boards is the easiest way to give a visual effect for your presentations. This particular product is perfect for your work presentations, promotional displays and school projects. Pictures can express and make things understandable more compared to words. Small, medium and large size poster boards are also available in multiple colors. Since this box contains 25 sheets, you can make sure that you have plenty of posters to help get the messages.
You may also purchase this product to gift your students when the score good marks in exams. You can keep this at home to let your children write and draw whatever they learned at the class room on a daily basis.


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