Recycled Interior File Folders

US$ 22.00

Size :15 X 9.9 X 2.4 inches
Color :Light Orange, Violet, Manila
Qty :100 pieces in one box
Item weight: 1 ounce

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999 Items


Files or folders are nowadays a part of our day to day life. Elders need files to keep their documents like certificates, bills etc. Students need files to keep their certificates, assignments etc.  Even, housewives need files to keep bills and all.

This particular product can meet all your requirements in all the way. The file is in letter size and there are 100 file folders in a box. This product has subdivided records within the folder. This has a 1/3 cut top tab which will help you to hold the file and turn it. Also, you can label your document or file on this cut top so that you can differentiate the document easily. This cut top has different light color that of the file which enables you to read the label easily. Or you can say these colors make color codings easy.
This product has 10% post-consumer recycled content and 10% total recycled content.


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