Leather-Look Pad Folio

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A pad folio is always a favorite of many professionals who prefer writing over typing.  A pad folio is a perfect article that holds a pad of paper, a pen holder and a card holder. Everything that you require is within your reach.

Product Description
The Leather-Look Pad Folio is as essential as it provides a stylish yet professional look and also serves us the purpose it is intended to. The pad of paper is ruled and is of letter size and placed in such a way making it easy to write down notes. Some pad folios come with pockets that help store documents and other writing tools. A card holder would be a great addition to the folio as it helps to quickly connect with clients. The Leather-Look Pad Folio is generally black in color as it goes well in the business world and is made of high-quality leather. The pad is resilient to all harsh factors and is long lasting. Pad folios come either with a flap which provides security to your belongings or without a flap which gives you easy access. Having a Leather-Look Pad Folio always adds to your personality and outlook and is the way to go.


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