Six Canister Carousel Organizer

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Storage has been an age old problem with every household and every office. But with products like the Six Canister Carousel Organizer storage of any kind stationery is easy and taken care of. This is a product from the popular brand Deflecto that provides a stress-free atmosphere along with being organized.

Product Description
Here we have the Six Canister Carousel Organizer which is a collection of six clear canisters to help store items safely and in reach. There are three small sizes canisters and three big canisters. The set rests on a rotating base that gives you perfect access to whatever you want without creating a mess. The Six Canister Carousel Organizer is clear and transparent that helps you to have a clear vision of what is stored in each canister. It comes with white colored lids on top. The shape of each canister is a triangle that provides enough room. The Six Canister Carousel Organizer is waterproof and long lasting. This provides a very composed and classy look and is made of high-quality plastic. The product is portable and fits perfectly on your office desk or you home. Long story short, the Six Canister Carousel Organizer is a keeper and a must have.


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