Pencil Cup,Metal/Black

US$ 13.00

Size :Diameter 3 1/2 and Height 4 1/2 inches
Colour :Metal and Black
Qty :1

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Stationery is always something that is as necessary as it helps to keep everything in order. The smallest item like a pen or pencil can easily be misplaced and never found at the time of need. These are the times when we actually understand the importance of such a small thing like the Pencil Cup,Metal/Black.

Product Description
The Pencil Cup,Metal/Black is a stylish contemporary desk accessory that holds your writing tools comfortably. The holder is a perfect blend of punched metal and wood giving a polished and sleek look to the desk. The capacity of the holder is much more than a regular stand and is portable. The Pencil Cup,Metal/Black has a nonskid base that helps to prevent any scratches or marks on the table top. The color of the cup is a combination of metal and black that suits every desktop. It’s not too heavy nor delicate but firm and strong. The diameter of the Pencil Cup,Metal/Black is around three and a half inches which provide  enough room and prevents cluttering. The height of the holder is four and a half inches which is apt to hold pens, pencils and other tools without falling off. The metal cup has been designed with open dots on the metal sheet that helps us to see the stationery kept in it. To keep it clean you just need to wipe it with a wet cloth once in a while.


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