Long Arm FS Stapler

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Staplers are of different types and they have different uses too. A long arm stapler is meant for center stitching newsletters, catalogues, price lists and booklets easily. The long arm of the stapler gives you extended reach.

This stapler is also known as a booklet stapler. Booklets are often the best way to get marketing done. So if you need this done in your office it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a Long arm stapler to increase your efficiency. It also saves money that you spend on marketing collaterals. This stapler provides maximum versatility for your print marketing efforts

The MARBIG Long Arm FS Stapler has an all metal construction for reliability and durability. This long reach stapler has multitasking capabilities. It has a full strip capacity and spring pull back mechanism which provides easy insertion of staples. The arm of the stapler reaches up to 315mm. It comes with an adjustable paper guide. The rubber feet on the staple protects your desk from scratches. It has a capacity of 25 sheets of 80gsm. It uses No.56 (26/6) staples.

How to Load: Grip the base of the stapler, pull open the top and load it with a full strip of recommended staples and close the top. Stitch up the required bunch of papers together.


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