Duo Gel Wave Keyboard Wrist Rest

US$ 28.00

Color: Blue
Product Dimensions: 1.2 X 5.2  X 22.7

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Nowadays there is no one who does not use laptop or computer in their life. Laptops and computers are essential electronic equipment in our daily life.  Software engineers might be using laptops for long hours in a day which may give stress on their hands and thus will become physically down.

By understanding all your feelings, proactively we have introduced a Keyboard wrist rest in duo tone color on which you can keep your wrist as long as you type. This product is made of cool and comfortable gel which confirms relaxation to not only your wrist but also the palm between keyboard and mouse. The smooth and soft finish will help you to clean the product very easily.

This particular product looks stylish and functional. It acts as a channel to keep your hands cool and comfortable. Since it is very smooth, it will not damage your cloth even though your clothes have direct contact with this wrist rest. We are sure that you will love this product once started using and will suggest your friends for sure. We have a combo pack of keyboard wrist rest and mouse pad with wrist rest.


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