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A desktop can never be complete without a stapler. This small yet powerful tool is something that we require day in and out. This desktop stapler is ideal for office, home and school use. Staplers are used to join sheets of paper together.

MARBIG Desk Stapler is a lightweight and reliable stapler with a black plastic construction. It has a modern design with rubber feet to protect desks.  This desktop stapler can be used for multiple purposes such as staple, pin and tack. It can be used to staple documents and papers together. It also pins to temporarily bind documents or other items. It can be used for tacking fastens objects to surfaces, such as bulletin boards or walls using staples. It has Auto top load feature that enables you to load half strip or full strip style. It has a capacity to staple 20 sheets of 80 gsm paper using No.56 (26/6) or No.16 (24/6) staples at a time.

How to Load: Grip the base of the stapler, pull open the top and load it with a full strip or half strip of recommended staples and close the top. Then staple the required bunch of documents together.

To tack papers onto the bulletin board let the base hang as you use the stapler tray end for tacking.


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