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The usage of terms and their meaning

'We' & 'Our' refers to the company and 'You' refers to users.

The information on site and its usage

The content available on the site in the form of text, images, videos, sounds or for that matter any other form falls under our copyright and is a private property of ours. The user have no authorization whatsoever to recreate the same content, copy paste the content, play with the code of the site, use the images, videos or any such elements present on the site for commercial gains.

Malicious activities

The user if try to harm the site in any manner whether it be through malfunctioning the code, or uploading obscene images & videos, or putting malicious content on site, the user will have to face legal punishment.

Links that connects to third party site

There might be links present on our site that leads to sites that are not ours. These are called third party sites. The content on the third party site or any other element on the site will be used by user on their on risk. Any damage occurred to the user due to the usage of these sites will not be incurred, or taken responsibility by us.

Changes made to the information on the site

We might according to the need of our company change the content and other information on the site without giving a prior notice to the user. We reserve the rights for the same and hold no responsibility if the user fails to notice it. There will not be any personal notification given to the user on the same. So, the user is recommended to check the site on a regular basis

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