Our shipping policy constitutes of two methods mainly:

1) Airmail : This is a very common shipping type that takes four to five days to complete the delivery. But, within 5 days the product will reach its pre-defined destination.

2) UPS : This is the fast shipping service that delivers the product within 3 days.

Note: We deliver products round the round the world.

The shipping options are available on the order form and the user can make a choice while making an order itself. If there happens to be any delay in the delivery of the order the same shall be informed to you. With the help of the order ID provided to you in the confirmation mail, you can monitor the progress of your order. If you don't receive any message from us regarding the delay in the delivery and you neither receive the product after 2-3 days of mentioned delivery date, please immediately contact our customer care, the needful will be done at the earliest.

Note: We hold no responsibility for delay in the delivery due to non -payment of custom duty charges by you or unavailability of persons while the delivery came in.


or any reason of your own, if you want to cancel an order, you shall do so within 24 hours from the time of ordering. If the shipment has already left then the cancellation request cannot be processed.

For further details please contact our 24/7 customer care support.

Refund and Return Policy

You can make a return or apply for a refund in the conditions stated below:

i) Variation in the number of products:

if the number of products delivered to you does not equal the number you had ordered online from our site then you can immediately apply for a return or refund.

ii) Damaged packaging: if the package delivered to you is not in intact state and is in a damaged condition then you can apply for a refund or take the option of return. You don't have to worry for the entire process will be hassle free.

iii) Unmatching product: If by any chance you received a product which you had not ordered and does not match to the one you had ordered. Please, contact us. Our customer care executives will immediately make the needed arrangements.

If we find your request for a refund or a return to be genuine, immediate actions will be taken to make a refund or provide you with a new product. The refund amount include only the actual amount of the product and nothing else. The refund will be processed immediately once we get a confirmation from our customer care. And you will be notified of the same. If by any chance you did not get the refund money within 30 days of your request being approved please contact us immediately. The delay happening in delivery of your order, due to you failing to pay custom duty charges will not be our responsibility.